Monkey Island 2 Special Edition

This weekend I “replayed” the special edition of this great game nobody has heard of, Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge. It was a great pleasure to play this game in full HD with beautiful art. The new sounds and music were also great and immersive, although the iMuse system didn’t have the same smooth transitions as the old version (as expected), they did a pretty good job in this version.
The developer commentary are very welcome but most unfortunately short.

Here are a few glitches and surprises I found while playing this version:

Sam and Max (in old version)

Sam and Purple Tentacle (in new version)

Guybrush looking at Manny :)

I had read on the internet that some people complained about these kind of problems mostly on Xbox360. I don’t know if those are glitches in the graphics system or if the artists didn’t paint every pixel they should have paint. In the wharf of Phatt Island there’s even a bunch of pixels that stay on top Guybrush in the middle of the street.
Also, the waterfall sound got stuck for some reason and it was playing in every room. I had to save and load the game to make the sound go away.
One other bug that I found is when you steal the monocle from Wally, if you look closely, the animation frames still show Wally with the monocle every time he looks down. Interesting is the fact that this is also a glitch in the old version of the game but much harder to spot due to the graphics resolution. My guess is that it was to spare a few more Kilobytes for other animations.
Another annoying bug was the cursor when trying to play with the XBox360 game pad. I couldn’t move the cursor because it would jump to the previous mouse cursor position.

And before I go, I also found a major bug in The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition a while ago, here are the shots:

But nonetheless, they are both great remakes, specially Monkey Island 2 Special Edition. I’ll be back when the true Monkey Island 3 comes out.

Don’t be nervous

Reading an interesting article about comedy in games at GDC I found something rather interesting and wanted to share it with you:

Tim: When we started on Monkey Island, I don’t know about Dave [Grossman], but I thought we were writing the temporary dialogue for that game. Cause we were really new, and there was a big company there with Lucasarts and George Lucas and everyone. So I was sure they’d have professionals come and write the dialogue. So we were just kind of goofing around and writing really silly dialogue. And it took the pressure off us cause we didn’t sit there and wonder, “Is this good enough?” We were just making each other laugh in the office. And then, as it went on, Ron said, “No, no, no. This is the dialogue for the game.” And I was like, “Oh, god.”

And we never wrote anything funny after that.

Monkey Island 2!

By this time everyone knows that Monkey Island 2 is coming back this summer with a new special edition after the great success of MI:SE from a year ago.

The 3 original creators: Dave Grossman, Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert reunited in the party that LucasArts gave for this event. It would be great to see them working in the ultimate sequel that was never done but it’s better to keep the feet on this earth :)

It’s also worth mentioning that The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition will come out in tha Playstation Network. After the great fun that was playing both MI:SE and Tales of Monkey Island, here we have another change to revive our memories (or if it is the case, play this wonderful game for the first time). It’s a pity that it doesn’t come with another Tales, or maybe we’ll get them in the end of the year? :)

Here are some links that I gathered in the last couple days:
MI2:SE Homepage
LucasArts official announcement
GDC 2010 Interview
Grumpy Gamer – Ron Gilbert talking about it
Official Twit
More info

Monkey Island is back!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right, you are not dreaming. Ask someone beside you to pinch (or punch) you if you don’t believe me. The greatest game of all time is coming back to us by the hands of LucasArts and TellTale. Not only we’ll get a remake with neat features and graphics of the first adventure in the Monkey Island series, we’ll also have new 5 episodes.

Check the official page of the The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition: the new screenshots and a video of the people involved in the project.

While at LucasArts headquarters, you can also check this related merchandise:

New series!
TellTale will be continuing to deliver us great adventure games and after reviving the classic Sam and Max, they’ll revive the mythic Monkey Island. We’ll get 5 new episodes ( starting in 7 July and it seems the “creator” itself (aka Ron) was also involved in these episodes. You can pre-order it now and if you want a discount coupon for the TellTale store, here’s one: 3PD-XNB-8Z7-M2K

Ron Gilbert has also commented this in his blog where he talked about some interesting things about the design/production of the first game. Check it here:

I thank you LucasArts and TellTale for bringing this great game to life again. (As if it was dead…)

Monkey Island T-Shirts

I’m a big fan of graphic adventures and specially of the Monkey Island series (a special thanks to Ron Gilbert and the rest of the team that brought me so many hours of joy and laughter). Since I’m a geek, I couldn’t go by without any merchandise of that series. I bought the 4 games and I had some t-shirts made since I don’t know any official one. Here are the 3 t-shirts that I have:

Some day I’ll upload some photos of my game collection (90% of them being graphic adventure games).