Active involvement in a progressive organization offering the opportunity to fully utilize my computer programming capabilities.


Since April 2012
Digiflare (

  • Lead developer on CBC Hockey Night In Canada application for Xbox 360.
  • Lead developer on Univision’s UVideos Lakeview application for Xbox 360.
  • Developer on “The Weather Network” application for Windows 8.

November 2011 – December 2012
Flying Turtle Software (

September 2008 – March 2012

  • Developed a 2D -> 3D converter that takes an XML file describing a house and creates a 3D scene where the user can explore and view inside it.
  • Worked on a multiplayer serious game where the objective is trying to teach competences to people who play it.
  • Developed a 3D Menu using C++, Java and OpenGL ES 2.0 for an augmented reality project for Android Tablet.
  • Developed an application using Bing maps for the Windows Phone 7 platform, Places I’ve Seen. Technologies: C#, SilverLight, .Net 4, WP7 SDK
  • Programmer on a published game for Windows Phone 7, Think Fast!. Technologies: C#, XNA, .Net 4, WP7 SDK
  • Project Manager of, the first professional and social network dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences unique to the medical professionals in Portugal. Technologies: Java, JSP, Liferay, XML, MySQL
  • Programmer on a published game for Windows Phone 7: Puzzle Jumble. Technologies: C#, XNA, .Net 4, WP7 SDK
  • Programmer on a published game for the iPhone and Windows Phone 7: Orange Game. Technologies: Unity Engine, C#
  • SimKids – Game design and development of a serious game working prototype to teach kids nutrition habits. Technologies: Unity Engine, C#
  • Developed an interactive real-time environment experience of the natural park Cascais-Sintra in Portugal. Click here for more information. Technologies: Unity Engine, C#
  • Developed an interactive real-time environment experience of the Portuguese Atlantic coast. Click here for more information. Technologies: Unity Engine, C#

November 2005 – June 2008
Move Interactive (

  • Worked on the unreleased next generation computer video game Ugo Volt.
    Technologies: C++, C++/CLI, C# (editor), .Net, STL, DirectX, FMOD and Scaleform FX – for the in-house engine (Nov 2005 – June 2007); C++ and Unreal Script for a playable demo using Unreal Engine 3 (Oct 2007 – June 2008) . Click here for more information.
  • Programmer on a published action/platform game for kids of the franchise Floribella (June – Oct 2007). Click here for more information. Technologies: Torque game engine, C++, scripting.

May 2005 – September 2005
Mandala (

  • Developed a module to integrate 3d models and special effects for an online tv channel project where its contents can be completely personalized to satisfy the clients’ needs. Technologies: c#, .Net, DirectX Managed (Direct3D, DirectShow and DirectSound).

December 2003 – April 2005

  • Worked on several IT projects. Technologies used: Java, Swing, JDBC, MySQL, XML, JSP, MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern, EJB’s, iPlanet server, Oracle, Crystal Reports, PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML and DHTML.


Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal
Computer Science, 2003
5 year program in computer engineering. This program includes the basic B.A.Sc standard as it falls under the Portuguese standard of ‘Licenciatura em Engenharia Informática de Computadores’ which is a standard greater than a B.A. sc and inferior to a M.A.Sc.

Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal
Microspace course, 2000
Certificate in an advanced course on “Microspace – Small Satellites Design and Technology”.



Portuguese is my mother tongue. I am also completely fluent in English and Spanish. Basic knowledge of french (both verbal and written).

Programming Languages / APIs / Technologies

  • Game development: Unity Engine, Unreal Engine 3, Torque game engine, DirectX, XNA, OpenGL 1.1, OpenGL ES 2.0, FMOD, Scaleform FX
  • Vast experience with C++, C#, STL, MFC, .Net, x86 Assembly (i386), Java, JSP, Swing, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, XML/XSLT, SQL, UML and LaTeX.


2005: Developed a site to help people to exchange mathematical formulas/equations using PHP, MySQL and MimeTeX for displaying of LaTeX formulas. (

2000-2003: Actively involved in the SSETI project (Student Space Exploration and Technology Initiative). I have been involved with this project from the beginning and dealt mainly with the earth station components of the project. My part consisted of developing a protocol of simple communication between the main station on earth and the satellite. (

2002: Participated in a workshop in ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre), located in Holland. The main objective of this workshop was a discussion between numerous space experts from the European Space Association about the SSETI project so that each country could learn not only from the experts but from each other how to improve their individual projects.


I am a person with high standards, and am often critical of my own work which allows me to learn on my own, something which I greatly enjoy.

I have a strong sense of responsibility, and self motivated and enjoy working in groups.

My strong analyzing capabilities allow me to be a great troubleshooter.

My webpage is dedicated to helping others learn about programming and solve programming problems. It stands as a testament to my troubleshooting nature.

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