Monkey Island 2!

By this time everyone knows that Monkey Island 2 is coming back this summer with a new special edition after the great success of MI:SE from a year ago.

The 3 original creators: Dave Grossman, Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert reunited in the party that LucasArts gave for this event. It would be great to see them working in the ultimate sequel that was never done but it’s better to keep the feet on this earth :)

It’s also worth mentioning that The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition will come out in tha Playstation Network. After the great fun that was playing both MI:SE and Tales of Monkey Island, here we have another change to revive our memories (or if it is the case, play this wonderful game for the first time). It’s a pity that it doesn’t come with another Tales, or maybe we’ll get them in the end of the year? :)

Here are some links that I gathered in the last couple days:
MI2:SE Homepage
LucasArts official announcement
GDC 2010 Interview
Grumpy Gamer – Ron Gilbert talking about it
Official Twit
More info

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