Windows 8, Visual Studio 11 and CLI Args Made Easy 11

I decided to try the new Windows 8 consumer preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta to see how the new systems behave and to check the new features. Windows 8 may surprise some (as it did to me) at the beginning but I personally like most of the changes. VS 11 also as a new look and lots of new features but I’ve only started to scratch the surface of it. The first thing that I tried on VS11 was to see if CLIArgsMadeEasy2010 worked and it didn’t so I decided that this would be my first project in VS11.

It was actually easier than I thought it would be as it just needed to be recompiled in VS11. So here it is the new version of CLIArgs, CLI Args Made Easy 11. It has all the same features of CLIArgsMadeEasy2010 v1.2 but I’ll keep it beta for now while the VS11 is in beta. Grab the new version here.

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