Interactive portfolio using Kinect

I like to explore different technologies that relate with computers and that’s why I own a Lego Mindstorms NXT . More recently I bought a Kinect to transform some ideas into real applications.

I’m currently looking for job in software development in the Toronto (Canada) area and it occurred to me that I could present my portfolio in a fun and entertaining way. So I decided to create my first Kinect application to be this interactive portfolio. Although I have some years of experience in business applications, portals, intranets, etc., I decided to compile only my experience in game development and interactive 3d projects.

If you don’t own a Kinect you can watch the video below to see how it works. I encourage you to skip the video in case you want to try the application or you’ll ruin the experience.

Interactive portfolio

The code uses the following technologies: C#, .NET, XNA and WPF. I also used two open source libraries to help with the gestures and the XNA integration with WPF.


Software requirements:

Kinect application:

Note: Please make sure you install the software requirements or you won’t be able to install the application.


  • My parents for helping me out recording the video.
  • Anabela Faria for the video editing.
  • Paulo Silva for the animated silhoutte.
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5 Responses to Interactive portfolio using Kinect

  1. Edgar says:

    Not everyone have a video card compatible with HiDef profile…
    Me, by example…

    • n0n4m3 says:

      That’s strange because I’m creating the Graphics Device with the reach profile:

      graphicsDevice = new GraphicsDevice(

      Unless it’s the WPF that requires a HiDef profile because of the transition effects.

  2. david says:

    did you use a Kinect For Windows with the commercial SDK or was this done using a Kinect for Xbox?

    I downloaded the Kinect SDK Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) Gesture Recognition from codePlex but it has all the old namespaces from the Beta. So if you did use the new commercial SDK and Kinect for Windows device I’m just wondering how you got the DTW to run?



    • n0n4m3 says:

      Hi David,

      I did use the final version of Kinect for Windows. In order use the DTW project you have to do a couple of changes to that project so it works with the final SDK.
      I wrote a tutorial, the Kinect Slide Tutorial that has some files from the DTW project that I converted to make them work with the final SDK. Feel free to use them.


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