SimKids (2009)

Simkids is a captivating videogame from ZPX Innovation labs that promote healthy habits for young children between ages of 5 and 12 years. I worked as lead programmer and also contributed as game designer in this project.


The adventure starts with the player’s character setup. Children may customize the shape and color of their hair, skin and what clothes they dress, before jump in into the virtual world. They start in a friendly and colorful town populated with some charismatic characters. Interacting with these characters, the player comes to know some of their issues that could be overpass by solving quests or succeed in funny challenges. At time to time, characters presents small polls that test the player knowledge and if answered correctly give him extra bonuses for his character.


As the storyline flows, the player faces topics that goes from basic food recognition to more complex nutrition issues or healthy eating habits. These topics are lined up with the school program for the first learning cycle.


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