3D Cascais (2010)

In 3D Cascais you can visit and explore the natural park of Sintra-Cascais. All the work in this project was made based on real world data. ZPX’s team members (me included) made several visits to the park and took some photographs to be used as reference. Detailed height maps and information about fauna and flora (including actual sounds recorded in the park) were provided by our partners SiQuant and Cascais Natura.


This project took about 6 months, two programmers and two artists but one of them not fulltime. It was built using the Unity3D engine.


Go on and visit the park:

http://percursos.webcomfort.org/PedraAmarela@26.aspx – Pedra Amarela – partial demo (faster download)
http://percursos.webcomfort.org/Pisao@27.aspx – Pisão – partial demo (faster download)
http://percursos.webcomfort.org/Global@30.aspx – full project online (slower download)

http://percursos.webcomfort.org/Viewer3D/cascais3d_1_1_8.zip – full project with better quality to download and test it on your pc.

Since the terrain is all generated on real data and is very highly detailed the builds became a bit big so bare in mind that the downloads can take a bit.




Visit Sintra-Cascais park
Sintra-Cascais natural park is now just a click away, offering an unprecedented interactive experience.

3D Cascais trailer
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