Puzzle Jumble (2010)

This project started as a personal project to test the XNA 4 and the Windows Phone 7 emulator. I made a simple prototype in just one day (2 afternoons to be more precise.) After that, 3D artist Bruno Nunes and I endeavoured in the task of making the game as fast as possible so we could release it on time coinciding with the WP7 release. The project took about 4-5 weeks to complete just the two of us and is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace.


Puzzle Jumble appears to be a simple puzzle game where the user has to complete an image within time but there’s more to it. It mixes other gameplay elements such as doors, springs and bombs to make things more interesting.

Puzzle Jumble trailer


Puzzle Jumble, the amazingly addictive puzzle game that takes picture puzzles to a whole new level. Make your way through delightful jigsaw puzzles full of beautiful colourful images… but watch out for the doors, springs, bombs and more as they are sure to create additional challenges and add to the fun.
Choose between arcade mode or attack mode and try to compete with top online scores.

We’re so sure you’re going to love Puzzle Jumble that we’re going to let you try it out for yourself – check out our FREE trial.


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