Orange Game (2010)

Orange Game is a mini game of a larger game prototype that ZPX decided to publish for the iPhone and more recently available on the Windows Phone 7. It took about 3 weeks to a month and two people to make the first release to pc/mac/web using Unity3D. You can try it online for free at its homepage or at Wooglie where it is the most played mini game at this time.



Orange Game is a thrilling game that tests the player skills.

In a remote town called Farmocolis, Uncle Bob asks for his nephew’s help to catch some oranges. Little Zoy thought it was a boring task so, to make things interesting, he decided to retrieve the oranges in a rather unusual way. Instead of using a basket to carry oranges like a normal person, he uses a helmet with a spring attached. The oranges bounce on his head and he doesn’t know where they’ll fall. They either fall in an empty zone which Zoy has to prevent it from happening or they will fall in their final destination, the truck with an insanely deep cargo area.

As time passes by Uncle Bob will give more and more oranges to Zoy and this is where the fun begins!

Orange Game on the iPhone and WP7
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