Ugo Volt (2005 – 2008)

This project is where I started my career as a game programmer professionally. In 2005 I joined Move Interactive to work on this title which unfortunately haven’t seen the light of day. But I learned a lot while working on this project and I can say I’m proud of my work and the work of the rest of the team. We sure did a good job building an engine from scratch and putting up a trailer and technology demo for E3, a playable prototype using our in house engine and also one more prototype using the Unreal Engine 3 (UE3). IGN wrote a nice preview about it after E3.

12336Ugo volt

Ugo Volt is an action/adventure game played in first and third person. Ugo, the main character, leads a rebellion group against a the corporation controlling a post-apocalyptic future. He is the first prototype of a hybrid humanoid with implants that allow him to control electricity in different ways.



It was first presented at E3 in April of 2006 with a trailer built using the in house engine and two tech demos showing the engine’s capabilities. Still using the proprietary in October of 2007 the first playable demo was released on both PC and XBox 360 in the form of vertical slice. Trying to focus the low resources available on the gameplay, Move Interactive decided to switch to Unreal Technology and another playable demo was launched in March of 2008 using the UE3.

Playable demo using Unreal Engine 3

Being a small team of developers, my responsibilities in this project varied in different areas including: core engine, editor, engine’s integration with FMOD, ScaleFormFX and GameMonkey script, gameplay, simple particle and shader effects, cinematic engine and sound manager.

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