VS File Finder 2008


Visual Studio Add-in that eases the access to files in large projects.


Visual Studio File Finder 2008 (VSFF2008) is an add-in based on VSFileFinder 2005 developed by Jonathan Payne.

This add-in allow you to find files easily in large projects. The files are listed in a new window where you can type a few letters to narrow the list and open the file(s) you’re interested.

It decreases considerably the file access time comparing to Solution Explorer where you may have to scroll and possibly open some “folders” to find the files.

There are some options to configure this add-in: exclude or highlight different files, tooltips’ configuration, project filter and regular expressions.

Many of these improvement ideas came from Diogo. Some of these were already integrated with the official 1.3 version. This is an updated version with support for Visual Studio 2008.

Changes from original version

  • Added wildcards and regular expression support to search. (Wildcards are on by default.)
  • Added a project filter.
  • It is possible to turn on/off, add a timeout or show tooltips with the complete name of the file.
  • Fixed possible bug in tooltips that don’t go away.

Screen shot


VSFileFinder 2008 is a free add-in, use it at your own risk. The authors can not be held responsible if anything wrong happens when using this add-in.


You can download VSFileFinder2008 1.4 Unofficial here.

To download the original version click here.

Again, this add-in was not made by me. I just added some features to the original.

I want to thank Jonathan Payne for the creation of this great add-in and Diogo Teixeira for the suggestions and testing he made.

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5 Responses to VS File Finder 2008

  1. AdamG says:

    Project filter shows only so called “Solution Folders” when projects are placed in them.
    Only SolutionFolder1 and SolutionFolder2 are listed in that case

  2. zhaoduo li says:

    If I close File Finder 2008 window ,Where can I open it again? I won’t restart Vs2008!

    • n0n4m3 says:

      I haven’t used the program in a while but if I remember correctly you could find it under View or under Tools menus. You can also configure a keyboard shortcut to show up the window.

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