CLI Args Made Easy

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Visual Studio Add-in that puts the project’s command line arguments more accessible.


Command Line Arguments Made Easy (CLIArgsMadeEasy) is a Visual Studio Add-in that eases the access and change of the startup project’s command line arguments. Instead of having to go to project properties or instead of using the command window to run your program with different arguments, CLIArgsMadeEasy adds a field in the toolbar for you to edit and saves everything you enter. A button is also added that opens a console window in the project’s working directory or home directory (if there’s no working directory set for this project).


  • Rapidly change startup project’s command line arguments in toolbar.
  • Current session command arguments history.
  • Open console window in working directory or project’s directory (if there’s no working directory set).




  • Support keyboard shortcuts.
  • Save command line arguments history per startup project and between VS sessions.
  • Support for multiple startup projects.

Known limitations:

  • The commands that you insert in the combo box will not do anything if you remove the focus from the combo with a mouse click on any other place. For some reason that I do not understand, when you use the mouse to change the focus, the value that is sent to the event handler is the old value that was in the box, not the new one that the user inserted. So, if you want to change the focus using a mouse click, make sure that you press the enter key in the combo box first.
  • Visual Studio’s extensibility API doesn’t provide an easy way to get a reference to a startup project, so we have to parse the solution which takes some time.
  • Since Visual Studio’s extensibility API doesn’t provide a way to catch any “startup project has change” event, there’s a timer that from time to time checks if there was any change.

I’d really appreciate if someone could give me some tips on how to solve any of these problems.

If you notice any slow downs because of CLIArgsMadeEasy, let me know.

If you like this add-in and want to support it, donate by clicking in the button:

CLIArgsMadeEasy is a free add-in, use it at your own risk. The authors can not be held responsible if anything wrong happens when using this add-in.


You can download CLIArgsMadeEasy 1.0 Beta here.

Many thanks to Diogo Teixeira (aka fozi) for the add-in idea and testing of the program.

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5 Responses to CLI Args Made Easy

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  2. Nick Dodonov says:

    What is the keyboard shortcut to get into “Command Line Arguments” combo box?

    • n0n4m3 says:


      If I remember correctly you can set up the shortcut in the VS toolbar by right clicking on the arrow (as you do in the newer versions of the plugin) but to be honest I don’t remember if VS 2005/2008 also have this or if it had another way of setting the shortcut.

      Is there a reason why you still use VS 2005 or 2008?

      If you use a newer version like VS 2010 or 2012 you should download the newer version of the add-in here:

  3. Simon says:

    Any plans on supporting VS 2013? Great add-in btw!

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