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A few days ago a friend asked me if I had or knew a program that would create folders given a two numbers. Example: if we put 01 – 04 it would create folders from 01 to 04 and so on. Well, I didn’t have nor knew any program that did what was asked so I just thought: this is pretty simple, why not do it myself? And after a hour or so I had the first version. The program asks where you want to create your folders, the base folder name and the number range.
Folder Creator


  • Insert/Choose the base folder. You may enter a folder manually or you can double click the field to open a folder browser dialog an choose a folder. The base folder indicates where the folders will be created. Example: c:\test\
  • Insert a base name (not required). The base name will serve as the name which will be appended by the number of each folder. Example: inserting folder in the base directory textbox will create folders in the path: c:\test\folderXXX where XXX is a number.
  • Insert a start number. Start number is the starting number of the range (start-end) that will be appended to the base name (if there is one). Continuing with our example: 003 will create folder in the path: c:\test\folder003 and so one until we reach the end number.
  • Insert an end number. End number is the number that ends the range (start-end) which will be end appended to the base name (if there is one). Again, in our example: 010 will create folders in the path: c:\test\folder003 (which was our start number), c:\test\folder004 … an so on … ending with c:\test\folder010.
  • Escape key closes the application.

Note: The start number must be less than or equal to the end number.

The program hasn’t been fully tested so it’s most likely that you’ll find bugs in the program. If you find some please report them to me. With time I may add more things if needed, so feel free to suggest new features.

You’re free to use this code as long as you don’t blame me for any changes/bugs, as well as, don’t demand anything from me. Download folder creator here and/or download source code here.

Let me know if you have any bugs/questions/comments/suggestions.

Before I go, I want to thank Victor Romão for the idea for this program.

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