Grim Fandango T-Shirt

Here’s another great shirt, this time featuring Grim Fandango’s Manny character, a game from Tim Schafer (thank you!). I’ve already planned my next geek t-shirts so, stay tuned! ;)

Monkey Island T-Shirts

I’m a big fan of graphic adventures and specially of the Monkey Island series (a special thanks to Ron Gilbert and the rest of the team that brought me so many hours of joy and laughter). Since I’m a geek, I couldn’t go by without any merchandise of that series. I bought the 4 games and I had some t-shirts made since I don’t know any official one. Here are the 3 t-shirts that I have:

Some day I’ll upload some photos of my game collection (90% of them being graphic adventure games).

Two great games

A month ago I received these two great games (check the image on the side). For those who don’t know, Psychonauts is a product of the mind of Tim Schaffer, so well known for the work in titles like Monkey Island 1 and 2, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. Psychonauts is a bit different from the games mentioned, it’s considered a platform game with some adventure gameplay elements.

The other game is Floribella. Many may not know what Floribella is so, Floribella is a novel for kids that passed here in Portugal (and was a big success) and is still running in many countries. So, to the game… This game is in a way special to me since it’s my first professional game (finally after so many years, since the times of spectrum, that I wanted to make part of a game). Here in Portugal there’s some aversion to this series but if we forget about this fact, I think the game can be quite fun (although it was aimed for kids). It’s a platform game based on Pandemonium where a girl/boy has to free the animals from their curse and rescue the prince/princess from the evil witch. Unfortunately, in the end of 5 months of development, there wasn’t much time to tweak some things but this doesn’t stop the player from having some fun playing the game.

So, to answer my question in the rss news (which game would I play next), without any kind of bad feelings and after countless hours testing/playing Floribella, I’d really like to play Psychonauts till the end.